The cure for the common event…

What, exactly, does that mean….

First, let’s start with a little about us:

In the spring of 1991, Catering By Design (CBD) came to life. And with it, came an entirely new way of entertaining that blended expertly prepared cuisine with striking conceptual design. Since that time, we have crafted unforgettable events unlike anything that had ever come before. This unique enterprise was founded by Peter Loevy, a graduate of Colgate University and The Restaurant School and a seasoned veteran of the restaurant and catering industry. This complementary combination of culinary, design, and hospitality experiences has made Catering By Design Philadelphia’s preeminent event coordinators featuring a full-time design staff.

Striking the perfect tone for each customer is a direct reflection of the personalized service we offer. Every client has access to Peter, who will work side-by-side with you to ensure a successful event, whether it is a small, intimate affair or a large gathering featuring hundreds of dignitaries. We have served institutions ranging from The Barnes Foundation and the College of Physicians, to The National Liberty Museum and the University of Pennsylvania, which are just a few of our valued clients.

So, that’s the basics.

What will you see here? We hope to show you what it is that we do….from recaps of our events to some of our fabulous tasting plates (who doesn’t like to look at yummy plates of food?) Want to see some of our décor ideas? We have a second blog specifically dedicated to that…

We’re in our blogging infancy…stick around and watch us grow.


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